What if you could provide care to every person in need?

As a community health center, you and your team offer invaluable care to your community. And we understand the challenges you face: Staffing shortages, high demand, and healthcare systems not designed for your success. We’re here to help you overcome these barriers.

Metro Community
Health Centers
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Joseph P. Addabbo
Family Health Center
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With Yuvo Health, you don’t have to do it alone

Level the playing field by gaining all the advantages of value-based care. With Yuvo Health, you can leverage new revenue opportunities without risk, scalable infrastructure backed by our team, and a village of partners to reach everyone in need in your community.

Photo of CEO of Metro Community Health Center
“With Yuvo Health eliminating the barriers to value-based care, it gives FQHCs a voice in the conversation, but also allows us to prove what we’re capable of doing.”
Rita Bilello, DDS, Chief Executive Officer
Metro Community Health Center
Claim your seat at the table

A solution designed for you

Gain a village of partners committed to you

Turn to our ecosystem of local and national organizations, including specialty care practitioners who accept Medicaid, technology providers, and nonprofits.

Access revenue that’s risk free

It’s time for health centers to have a seat at the table for value-based contracting. We shoulder the risk and secure contract terms that work for you, freeing you up to seize the financial opportunity. 

Gain a partner in your program’s success

Partner with our population health team on data analytics, care coordination, risk adjustment, and more for success in your value-based care agreements.

Photo of CMO of Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center
“Every day, I’m amazed when I look at our productivity reports. We serve 500 people every day. We owe it to them to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.”
Dr. Ari Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center
Claim your seat at the table

Let’s advance your mission, together

Advantage Care Health
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Long Island Select
Healthcare, Inc.
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Ryan Health
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Focus fully on patients and your clinical work

Gain the revenue to invest more fully in a team-based care operation that enables everyone to work at the top of their license doing what they love.

Improve the health of your community

Enhance the health of your community with a sustainable approach to preventative, chronic, and urgent care.

Get reimbursed for comprehensive care

Get reimbursed for the work you’ve been doing for years addressing population health and social drivers of health. 

Unlock revenue without risk

Bring on a partner that shoulders the risk involved in value-based care arrangements, so your FQHC gets paid what you deserve.

Our team is here to support you

Meet our team, who share a deep belief in the power of community health centers. 

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“As a former patient of an FQHC, I’m forever grateful for the care, support, and dignity shown to my family, regardless of our insurance status. Through Yuvo Health, we’re supporting health centers so they can provide that level of care to more people in their communities.”
Cesar Herrera, CEO and Co-founder
Yuvo Health
Claim your seat at the table
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