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FQHCs have been forced to do more with less all too often. With Yuvo Health, you're at the center of an ecosystem designed for you. We knock down the barriers making it harder for you to provide compassionate care to the people who need it most.

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Access sustainable revenue and partners to ease the burden

Health centers are constantly asked to do more. But revenue isn’t keeping up and your team is stretched beyond their limits. Yuvo Health is breaking the cycle so you can:

Provide compassionate, whole-person care.

Experience the benefits of team-based care where everyone can work at the top of their license, doing what they love.

Bring sustainable revenue to your health center.

Get paid for the work health centers have been doing for years to address population health and social drivers of health.

Promote health and provide care.

Fulfill your mission to improve the health of your community and maintain the capacity to serve complex populations, too.

“With Yuvo Health taking this challenge on and eliminating the barriers, it gives FQHCs a voice in the conversation, but also allows us to prove what we’re capable of doing.”

Rita Bilello, DDS, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Community Health Center (MCHC)

Claim your seat at the table.

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With Yuvo Health, you don’t have to do it all.

Community health centers are the drivers of better health in our communities if they have the right resources. That’s why Yuvo Health and a growing network of organizations have come together to address your immediate needs while supporting your strategic goal of sustainability.

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“Yuvo and partners are developing a model of value-based care that chips away at the wrong pocket problem, directing healthcare return on investment where it can have the greatest impact on health equity.”

Zach Hennessey, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Public Health Solutions


An ecosystem designed for community health centers

Find the stability you’ve been missing.

Health and our partners will step in however you need us to immediately ease the burden. We will give your team the resources and freedom they need to be their best for their patients.


Access lucrative
value-based contracts without risk.

It’s time for health centers to have a seat at the table for value-based contracting. We assume the risk and leverage our bargaining power for terms that work for you.


Get hands-on support to succeed.

Our population health team become your guides and go-to experts to manage administrative services like data analytics, care coordination, risk adjustment, and more that are crucial to thriving in value-based care.


Gain partners to support you when and where you need us.

We build the village you need: a network of local and national organizations that includes specialty care practitioners who accept Medicaid, technology providers who increase access to care, nonprofit organizations tackling social determinants of health, and others.


Provide care to your whole community.

Leverage your expertise and a team-based approach to serve more people in your community.


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“Every day I’m amazed when I look at our productivity reports. We serve 500 people every day. We owe it to them to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.”

Dr. Ari Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer, Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center

A partnership built for

Community Health Centers

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About us

We’re behind you every step of the way as you extend your reach across your community, while continuing to deliver the highest quality of care. Yuvo Health addresses the unique needs of community health centers so you can leverage sustainable payment systems, scalable infrastructure, and partnerships for a meaningful seat at the table within the value-based care system.

We currently serve health centers and IPAs in the Northeast and Midwest with plans to expand to more markets soon.

“As a former patient of a CHC, I’m forever grateful for the care, support, and dignity shown to my family, regardless of our insurance status. Through Yuvo Health, we’re supporting health centers so they can provide that level of care to more people in their communities.”

Cesar Herrera, CEO and Founder of Yuvo Health

Our leadership team

Yuvo Health started from a shared belief in the power of quality care for underserved communities. Our founding team brings a combined 70+ years of industry and leadership experience across healthcare.

Carmelo Cruz Reyes, MPH
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Chief Managed Care Officer and Co-Founder
Cesar Herrera
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Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Ishaan Jalan
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Chief of Staff
Janel Sia
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Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder
Lora Council, MD
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Chief Population Health Officer
Selase Dow
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Chief Operating Officer
Stephanie Hudson, JD
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Chief Legal Officer and Co-Founder
Sujata Bajaj
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Chief Technology Officer

Learn more about our team and our mission.

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Yuvo supports the Community Health Centers (CHCs)and
Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the country
providing quality care to those who need it most.


of Medicaid beneficiaries*


of people in poverty*


customer satisfaction rate*

* Source: National Association of Community Health Centers Annual Report, 2019
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You want your focus to be on patient care. So do your patients. So do we. Let’s get there sooner rather than later. 

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Yuvo started from a shared belief in the power
of quality care for underserved communities.

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