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Access to risk-free revenue

With the right value-based arrangement, you can access more sustainable revenue for work you’re already doing. As a result, your community health center can scale up to care for more people in need within your communities. 

“By joining the Yuvo collective, we’re now in an entity with ten times that many patients, which really increases our clout when we’re at the table with managed care plans.”
Mary Ellen Diver, Chief Executive Officer
Advantage Care Health Centers
Photo of Mary Ellen Diver, CEO of Advantage Healthcare Centers, which now has value-based contracting

Value-based care designed for you

You don’t have to be a large health system to benefit from value-based contracting. As a health center of any size you can access contracts through Yuvo Health aligned with how you already work — all built around your needs to best serve your community. 

Value-based contracts

Enter into a variety of contracts otherwise reserved for larger providers. 

Bargaining power

Ensure your interests are met thanks to the negotiating power of the collective.

More revenue

Get reimbursed for the whole-person care you’re providing.

Reliable revenue

Bring in a new revenue stream upfront and without risk to your health center.

Scaled services

Meet the need for quality care in your community with increased ability to meet demand. 

Value-based contracts include

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