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As healthcare shifts towards value-based care, community health centers have continued doing it all — while large health systems have benefited most from value-based care. What if you could get a seat at the table too?

Transition to a value-based care arrangement uniquely designed for community health centers with Yuvo Health’s dedicated team, access to revenue without risk, and village of partners.

Photo of CMO Dr. Ari Benjamin
“It's important for us to be prepared for the transition to value-based care. Without Yuvo's assistance, that transition would have been a lot more difficult. I'm excited to have them help our team not only understand the details but also the “why.”
Dr. Ari Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo

Care for everyone who needs it

You and your team want to focus on patient care, not on fixing the obstacles to doing so. We’re here to clear the path for you.

Your dedicated population health team

Our population health team becomes your team in no time. Your providers focus on patients, while we streamline the tasks getting in the way together. As a result, you’ll optimize performance and cost savings.

“Yuvo has essentially become an extended arm of our provider department.”
Miriam Vega, PhD and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo

Access to risk-free revenue

Get reimbursed for the whole-person care you’re already providing with lucrative contracts negotiated on your behalf and the collective bargaining power of all health centers partnered with Yuvo Health — all without risk to you.

“By joining the Yuvo IPA, we’re now in an entity with ten times that many patients, which really increases our clout when we’re at the table with managed care plans.”
Mary Ellen Diver, Chief Executive Officer
Advantage Care Health Center

Partners committed to your mission

By partnering with Yuvo Health, you can also partner with social service organizations, providers, non-profits, and other community-based organizations to give you and your patients the precise support you need.

“The Yuvo partnership is appealing because they are directing healthcare return on investment where it can have the greatest impact on health equity.”
Zachariah Hennessey, Chief Strategy Officer
Public Health Solutions, a Yuvo Health partner

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Hear from the health centers

Meet the FQHCs finding success in value-based care by partnering with Yuvo Health.

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Finding creative workarounds to obstacles
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A seat at the table in value-based care
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