Program success teams

Our team of population health and quality improvement experts are committed to your success in your value-based contracts, allowing you to focus on delivering quality care.

“We are very fortunate to be working with Yuvo because now we have so much expertise and passion available at our fingertips to help us along the way.”
Mary Ellen Diver, Chief Executive Officer
Advantage Care Health Centers
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Gain a team of population health experts

Our team brings years of value-based contracting experience with FQHCs to your health center. Together, we will translate your compassionate care into value-based contracting success. You’ve got a partner at your side. 

Photo of Chief Population Health Officer Ami Patel
Ami Patel

Chief Population Health Officer

Photo of Essence Williams
Essence Williams

Head of Risk Adjustment

Photo of Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron

Director of Quality

Photo of Cassie Parks
Cassie Parks

Director of Care Management

How program success works

We’re your partner to optimize and manage the below functions, setting you up for success in value-based care.

Risk adjustment and coding

We’ll leverage analytics and provider engagement tools to identify coding opportunities that drive revenue and improve key quality initiatives. We’ll ensure your team is educated and confident in coding best practices. 

“When Yuvo helps them to better code, the providers feel an enhanced sense of efficiency and that they're making progress.”
Miriam Vega, PhD and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo
Patient outreach, planning, and engagement

Increase engagement and close care gaps with strategies for reaching patients where they are. Use text, email, and phone call capabilities for high-tech and high-touch communications.

“Yuvo worked with our front desk and our clinical staff, identified key people on each team at each site, and helped them with the tools they’d need to get those care gaps.”
Dr. Ari Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo
Care coordination

Our dedicated population health and care management teams partner with you to support patients in transitions of care and to reduce Emergency Department use. 

“If we could move the quality metric needle of our patients, that would be phenomenal. If there’s an opportunity to obtain profit that could then be applied to staff doing the work, that would be even better.”
James Powell, MD and Chief Executive Officer
Long Island Select Healthcare (LISH)
Data-driven decisions

Use data to identify high-risk patients, manage quality, and support health interventions. We securely collect, store, and analyze relevant data for a comprehensive view of patients’ care experiences and health indicators. 

“Having better control of our data has helped us to make better decisions and increase our numbers through more effective communication and better actions to improve the numbers.”
Dr. Ari Benjamin, Chief Medical Officer
Joseph P. Addabbo

How our technology team helps CHCs

Smart technological solutions can supply interoperable, accessible, and up-to-date patient data, bridging the gap between providing value-based care and getting paid for it.

Data collection
Data processing
Data analytics
Outcomes reporting
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