Designing an environment where health centers can thrive

Community Health Centers (CHCs) are powered by massive doses of dedication to the people they serve, but they’re tired of going it alone. It’s time to stop asking teams to stretch even further as the demands for healthcare transformation pile up.

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About us

Yuvo is a value-based contracting and administrative partner focused solely on the unique needs of community health centers. 

We currently serve health centers and IPAs in the Northeast and Midwest with plans to expand into the Mid-Atlantic region in the near future.

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An ecosystem for population health

Health centers need support. It’s that simple. Building the partnerships you
need isn’t always simple, though.

So at Yuvo, we’re bringing together the service providers in your community who are making a difference. Providers who can help you help your patients.

Weaving the right partnerships

When you partner with Yuvo, you get
more than a partner. You get your village:
an ecosystem of partners that continuously supports CHCs.

Get the comprehensive help you need

from local and national organizations including:  

Nonprofits and multi-sector partnerships tackling social determinants of health

Specialty care providers who accept Medicaid

Advocates and investors strengthening community health centers 

Technology providers that increase access to care 

Home care agencies keeping people safe and healthy outside of the hospital

Transportation providers helping patients get to pharmacies and follow-up appointments

And other organizations that strengthen the ecosystem 

We’re on your side
You don’t have to go it alone. Access the partners to support you every step of the way while we open the door to lucrative value-based contracts and relieve the administrative burden on the back-end.
Partner Spotlight:

Primary Care Development Corporation 

Yuvo and Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) are working together to provide community health centers with the customized support they need to earn more and succeed in value-based contracting.

Learn more about the partnership
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“The teams at community health centers work so hard and are stretched so thin. We’re thrilled to be able to help even more, thanks to partners like PCDC.”

Cesar Herrera, CEO and Founder of Yuvo

Your partner for value-based care

Access value-based contracts that work for health centers

With Yuvo, health centers have access to lucrative contracts without the risk. We’re leveling the playing field and negotiating terms that work for health centers.

Relieve the administrative

You can focus on patient care and let Yuvo be your partner for back-end functions like data analytics, care coordination, risk adjustment, and more.

Ready to get started?

Let's chat about how Yuvo can support your growth.