Yuvo Health: Your PCA’s engine for value-based care

Value Based Care
Loren Anthes, Head of External Affairs

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the role of FQHC Primary Care Associations (PCAs) has become increasingly pivotal.

With greater pressure from managed care organizations and the government to move to value-based care, PCAs are often tasked with identifying solutions that enable their members to take advantage of these opportunities — while ensuring they aren’t taking on unnecessary risk or making costly investments that often take years to develop.

So how can Yuvo Health support PCAs in development of Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs)?

Navigating the path to value-based care together

In the realm of IPAs and CINs, envision a collaborative journey where PCAs support their FQHC members with the technology, population health expertise and advantageous contracts they need to succeed. It’s not just a partnership; it’s a strategic alignment where your FQHCs opt into your network, setting the stage for an impactful transformation.

At Yuvo Health, we understand the importance of autonomy in governance. We don’t seek to govern this work; we empower. Leverage our expertise to fortify your risk pool and enable contractual success while we provide the support needed for sustainability and immediate, bookable revenue for your members.

When you partner with us, you determine the participating FQHCs. You contract with us in a manner akin to health plans, facilitating seamless integration and continuity — but in a way that gives your members more control over the terms and requirements.

The power of the partnership lies at the heart of this collaboration and maintaining the essence of PCA governance is paramount.

How a Yuvo Health and PCA collaboration works

Yuvo Health will work with PCAs to develop a Master Services Agreement, articulating terms, targets, and the array of services that form the backbone of the network. This includes a delineation of responsibilities — what the PCA brings to the table, and what Yuvo Health seamlessly integrates into the equation.

Recognizing the integral role of your staff, Yuvo Health is committed to a unique approach. We offer double-batch subsidization for IPA/PCA staff, ensuring they are not just supported but empowered to thrive in their roles. And, as you build this network, our infrastructure becomes yours, providing you with all the data and analysis you need. All at no cost to you or your members.


In this dynamic era of healthcare, trust is earned through transparent collaboration and meaningful support. By offering a solution for PCAs to create collective power and effectiveness in contracting, Yuvo Health stands as a partner committed to empowering your PCA to thrive.

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