Value-Based Contracting Through Yuvo

With the right value-based contract, health centers can access additional sustainable revenue for the work you’re already doing. As a result, you can scale up and care for more people in your communities.

Access value-based care contracts

You don’t have to be a large health system to benefit from value-based contracting. Through Yuvo, as a health center of any size you can access contracts aligned with how you already work, built around your needs, and that best serve your community.

Value-based contracting is now within reach, with the ability to:

  • Enter into contracts otherwise reserved for larger providers.
  • Ensure your interests are met thanks to greater bargaining power.
  • Access better contracts with greater opportunities to earn more revenue. 
  • Eliminate risk. There is no cost to contract through Yuvo and no surprise fees.  
  • Scale your services to meet the need for quality care in your community.
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The Yuvo Difference
Health centers are the real drivers of better health in our communities.
That’s why at Yuvo, we built a value-based contracting and administrative solution
focused solely on the unique needs of FQHCs. We help you get paid for work you’re
already doing, so you can scale your services and reach more people.
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Hand off administrative functions

Value-based care doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us handle the administrative functions
required for success in your new contracts while you focus on delivering quality care.

Keep your team focused and efficient by leaving time-consuming operations to us. 

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